When I was growing up, the children did not
suffer from technology, don't get me wrong, I'm
into it more than most, yet I am glad I got to grow
up in the 50's and 60's. We had nothing, we used
to roll tires with sticks, play hide and seek and of
course we played with Marbles, my favorites were
the Purees, I liked because because they were
rare, the glob of glass missed the cats eye stripe
and were considerd defects, only a few made it to
market. You shoot your Purees last in hopes that
you did not lose them. Yes I still play with Marbles
but I'm much more serious, I solder them into my
work. This was my dear Marble Box, 12"x12',
that's a big Box! It featured 47 Purees and some
very thick glass, the rainbows from this thing will
make you cry, I know because I cried when I sold
it! I still make different versions of it, I have over
2000 marbles in my collection (most of them are
Purees), and I can still shoot a cut throat game of