The Jewel Box,
What can I say here, come over and
look at it, I still own it, 5"x11" , made
from solid copper and very rare Water
White Crystal glass almost an inch
thick , you have to cut this glass with a
cutter and a ball peen hammer, my
masters taught me this trick. The
stones in the center are the cutoff's
and I disarm the sharp edges and
solder them back in (if they are
worthy).The metal idea was when I did
a show where you were able to see the
Statue Of Liberty all day and I thought I
want to learn the patina process, It
only took two years of trial and error,
my student's get a kick out of their
Craft Teacher studying science in a
Library, that is Art today, I teach that
there are no dumb, lucky Artist, one
has to study hard to make it. I have
also perfected the green patina and I
am working on something special, stay