Made in Illinois, An Artisan Gallery
A Book by Lura Lynn Ryan
Robert Stewart (pg. 18)

"    The prismatic bevels of Robert Stewart's glass boxes refract a window's
light and project its rainbows to a wall twenty feet away.  The art of hand
beveling thick plate glass was nearly lost until Stewart conceived a passion to
keep it alive.  He had to hunt down the machinery he needed in the basements
of old glass companies in Chicago, equipment which includes a glass lathe
from Germany, a grinding wheel made of a special sandstone last mined in
Newcastle England in 1906, and buffing and polishing wheels of Portuguese
cork and Spanish felt.  Stewart's boxes have been presented as gifts from the
people of Illinois to many foreign heads of state.  He made the presentation
box for the Bowie knife given to former President George H.W. Bush at a
formal presentation at White House.
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